Intermediate Course (Ocelot)

In our intermediate course we take you deeper into our Drake Bay property location, and thus deeper into the rain forest. The flora is awe inspiring as you will be dwarfed by large hardwood trees with 200 foot crowns. The triple canopy will provide you both sanctuary and shade from the tropical sun's intense glare. Sounds and smells will alert you to the intensity of the constant struggle for survival that takes place relentlessly in this unforgiving realm. Don't worry though, our knowledgeable and accommodating staff will ensure your success and safe exodus from one of the most bio-diverse forests on the planet. This is the largest great stand of prime rainforest on the Central American Pacific coast. You are there and you will conquer any fears or obstacles. Improvise, adapt, and overcome!

Hikers Looking Up

Your camp will be set up with some basic structures that you will be able to construct yourself by the end of this challenge. You will need to have attended our Beginner Course or already possess skills and bush craft from previous experience. Sharpen up your machete as you are going to need one (along with a serving of confidence)! Machetes will be provided unless you already have a favorite one of your own. The skills taught in our beginner course will be utilized and enhanced with hands-on applications. We get a little more primitive, and an open fire is utilized for all your cooking needs. Hammocks are provided and sleeping platforms are constructed, but you are welcome to bring your own hammock if preferred.

Hammock 2

Every morning will be met with an exhilarating hike through our private jungle setting. In the morning the rainforest is flourishing with activity from Toucans, Macaws, Howler Monkeys, Capuchin Monkey Squirrel Monkeys, Humming birds, Coati Mundi, Tapirs, and more. It is a natural "rush hour" and the epitome of the early bird gets the worm. In an actual survival situation, this is when you would ideally forage and hunt. During such hikes you will be introduced to the different edible and medicinal species of plants that have sustained the indigenous population for thousands of years.

After the morning hike, we will get to work honing and teaching new skills and techniques. The proprietary lectures and workshops, presented by our experienced staff, will provide you with a lifetime of experience, knowledge, and skills.


The skills you learn will include (but are not limited to):

  • Procuring food/water in the rainforest
  • Advanced fire starting
  • Basic shelter construction
  • Pathfinding/trail blazing
  • Survival first aid and safety
  • Plant identification (medicinal & edible)
  • Identifying hazards and dangerous species
  • Trapping/fishing

These skills are not only useful in a jungle environment, but will boost your confidence to survive in any setting. Our program is designed to enhance your life in intercommunications and team building. For more information about pricing and course syllabus please feel free to contact us.

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