Beginner Course (Margay)

Welcome to the Osa Peninsula, one of the most intense and bio-diverse regions on the planet. For this course you will have access to 650 hectares of private land, comprised of 500 hectares of prime virgin rainforest and 150 hectares of finca (farm land) located in the Drake Bay region of the Osa Peninsula. This area has been the setting for numerous survival shows such as Bear Grills, Dual Survival, Naked and Afraid, and Les Stroud (Survival Man). It is an environment that is just as treacherous as it is beautiful. If ever there was a perfect place to escape the end of the world, this is it. It has plenty of fresh water, plenty of food, and it's isolated. Would you be ready if such a situation presented itself?


Our camp is set up on the edge of the rainforest and has 7 kilometers of hiking trails, a waterfall, and swimming hole. We have designed the setting to introduce and familiarize students to the challenges of being in such an environment. In doing so we have constructed a rancho (i.e., a covered open structure) with tents, covered hammocks, an organic toilet, and running water from a natural source. Meals are included in the cost of the course and are simple but nutritious. Students are also welcome to supply and prepare their own meals if desired.

The course is designed to combine survival lectures and workshops with tourism activities. The lectures and workshops will cover basic fire starting, water preparation, shelter construction, and navigation. You will have numerous daytime and nighttime hikes, during which a knowledgeable guide will introduce you to the flora and fauna of the rainforest. Students should be physically able to hike an average of 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) in order to fully participate in and enjoy the activities.


We would like to give our students a lifetime experience and allow them to explore all that the Osa Peninsula has to offer. In doing so, we have designated certain half-day portions of the course for extracurricular tour packages that compliment your survival training. The tour packages include some of the following:


We encourage and welcome group bookings and will even customize courses to your preferences. This is an ideal opportunity for scout troops, schools, corporate groups, church/youth groups, or just a group of friends that want to experience a challenge together. We will also lease the property as a campsite to such groups if desired (in which case your group will be required to "pack it in, pack it out").

Upon completion of the beginner course you will qualify for the intermediate course and receive a 15% discount toward it. You will also receive a certificate of completion, an OSS t-shirt, and a BPA-free water bottle/canteen. The experience and knowledge you will receive… priceless.

Please contact us for a more in-depth description of our course, its syllabus, and itinerary.

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