Advanced Course (Puma)

Prey passes the Puma, who doesn't hesitate to pounce. Are you a Puma? Can you take advantage of the opportunity when it presents itself? The Puma treks stealthily through the rainforest. It conserves its energy, taking only what it needs, when it needs it. Do you have the skills and abilities to match that of the Puma? If so, welcome to the jungle… or paradise. It really depends on your mindset.

Toss your useless smartphone to the crocodiles as you are going to have to rely on your primitive instincts. Trust us, they are there. You just have to tap into them. We are going deep into the Osa Peninsula where the rainforest floor is scarcely touched by sunlight. We will pack it in and pack it out to our location, which is very close to Corcovado National Park. It is so close that the only thing distinguishing the two is the lack of noisy humans disrupting the natural cadence. Your boldness and sacrifice of a plush hotel room will be rewarded with the experience of a lifetime. As Julius Caesar famously declared, "Vedi, vici, vini" (I came, I saw, I conquered).

Your short tour of duty (four days, three nights) begins with a 3 to 4 hour hike into the most diverse and intense environment you may ever experience. Hopefully you have what it takes to compete, and utilize what nature hands you. They say that life is 80% attitude and the remaining 20% is just a mixture of skill and luck. You are in it to win it (bragging rights, that is). If you succeed with this course and do not view life with a different perspective, we have failed you.

Hammock 1

If you are a veteran of our previous courses, or possess the skills from own past experience, this is where the rubber hits the trail. In this course we will be:

  • Teaching some more advance techniques
  • Employing them to sustain ourselves for a true survival experience
  • Building advanced structures, traps, and snares
  • Becoming more reliant upon what the jungle has to offer
Shelter 1
Shelter 2
Shelter 3

This challenge will test your comfort zone with a natural setting, but it will be worth every second of it. With great sacrifice can come great reward. Although we will have a supply of staple food items, becoming more independent of such luxuries is a goal.

This program is designed to prepare you for our ultimate challenge, the Expert (Jaguar) course… if you so dare. Even if you choose not to advance, your confidence level will be at a pinnacle you probably had never imagined. Upon completion of this course, candidates will be awarded an engraved machete. Hopefully you will bring it to the Jaguar challenge.

Feel free to contact us for more information on itinerary, syllabus, pricing, and scheduling of the Puma Challenge Courses.

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